by Sebastian Klemm
#shareattitude Lobbycrazy. The Euro Vision Concept Song sung by Corporate CEO´s
Who holds/ who holds back access to trade and decisions? Who writes mission statements on equality?
Who defines the margins, how to balance the force: end poverty, end extreme wealth? Break Even Human Even Break
Who is in charge (no matter small or large)? Who is privileged to speak out and speak about? Sink in Convincement Power Clay
I've got more willpower than I have options
RT @UncleRUSH: Gratefulness is a practice, just like happiness is a choice
Trying to spend the day reducing my electricity levels and carbon emissions. Good Morning
Art is not a thing; it is a way. ~ Elbert Hubbard #quote #art
RT @Kentino_SA: I have discovered that when I motivate other people, I actually motivate myself too..
#randomactsofkindness invite every child you know to your local library and register them as a treat, for free *eugine's voice*
The ignorant insist on a free pass when it comes to knowledge
Or they attack the knowledgeable “@victordlamini: The ignorant insist on a free pass when it comes to knowledge”
Spend time with those who leave a sweet aftertaste in your mouth. You'll find they are fewer but you get so much more.
There is no other choice but to be obedient.
"You are not your past. You are not all the things that have happened to you. You are the possibility of what can be." #OprahsLifeLifeClass
Why is it that the norm depicts a reality whereby the poor man will conceive influx children whilst the rich will have a contrary paradigm?
ATTITUDE. @infectingthecit in 2013, a century after South Africa´s "Natives Land Act" / "Black Land Act":
Seen too often people living from paycheque to paycheque supporting other people's advancement to the detriment of their own.
Theoretically, the other 8765 hours of the year we dedicate to destroying the earth somehow beats the one hour we dedicate to saving it.
@ImranGarda Maybe people can use that 1 hour to think about what they are going to do in the next year to save earth! #EarthHour
drain the mainstream, its oneway drive of consumption: spiraling idea of progression: where to? on whose account? - opt out the fraud loud.
bite the invisible hand of the market: make different than the unilateral liberal, exploiting all species and planet (for whose freedom?)
wearing a suit is not african, all vimpers wear shades, few of them doesn´t
to support change we need to stop racials discremination and see one another as brothers from the same continent wich give birth to us
we need to consider one another like african from the same continent not same country we need unity as african
living conditions in SA: most adventages go to the cityzens than the foreigners wich are also members of africa so it not good for foreinger
I am focus on making more money, cheerful, very good, shot temper, smiley at all times
Hello 15th March last one: ATTITUDE. outside CPT STATION 2 - 5pm @infectingthecit with @LindoKushle @Asanda_Kaka
Welcome 14th March: ATTITUDE. today outside CPT STATION 2 - 5pm @infectingthecit with @LindoKushle @Asanda_Kaka
Stop driving like a lunatic. Start respecting pedestrians. Be humble, not an ass behind the wheel.
Welcome, participate: ATTITUDE. today outside CPT STATION 2 - 5pm @infectingthecit with @LindoKushle @Asanda_Kaka
SAVE THE BLACK PUSSY! by @Asanda_Kaka in: "ATTITUDE. PERFORMANCE" OUTSIDE CPT STATION: TUE - FRI: 2 - 5PM @infectingthecit @respectequal
Profile on ATTITUDE performance on b-guided Infecting the City with Attitude - B-Guided via @sharethis
No matter how far wrong you've gone, you can always turn around
few more days till @Sebastian Klemm lands in Mzansi & the rest of the @respectequal lands. Lookout for them @infectingthecit in CT!
give up pretending superiority #shareattitude about the illusion of power. what else is there?
@gavinweale @umaramiah think you might like this
"He is young, but also old enough to know that nothing in life is promised for men like him except death"
"We do not know what we want and yet we are responsible for what we are - that is the fact."-Sartre
Were We Just Born To Work Rather Born To Live - Magic by @amellarrieux sooo on point!! tap into your magic
"Letter from Cape Town" @ContemporaryAnd
check out platform for international art from african perspectives @ContemporaryAnd
done: ATTITUDE. outdoor soundcheck: Listen at to meet your public participation, your voice @infectingthecit - soon
If we had fynbos growing out our heads, would you give a fuck?
"Curse to those in love, happiness to the lonely hearts" - the kind of graf you find in the toilet of one of our hangout spots @Tagores
The lovely Zohra is in charge of the costumes designs for @respectequal performance happening @infectingthecit soon
@uLoner in the mother city....lookout for her interview coming soon on our tumblr page
A Curse and Three Blessings by the Canadian Cape Town based artist @indi_gone, check it out on our tumblr
of all powers, Love is the greatest, integrity, connective #shareattitude @respectequal
Weak men make me wanna bury my head in the sand. No term ever quite matched the accuracy of "bitch-nigga". #grrr
"Ths country was built on a graveyard,the horrors do little to alarm me. It is the living dead & their ways that bother me" Mohau Modisakeng
Checkout the very talented Alexia Webster's street potraits @infectingthecit festival this year
checkout our dummies guide to spotting a Tsatsi
Each One Teach One - What are you teaching & what have you learnt?
2 coool Makerena on Marikana by Cyrilena Ramaphosa catch her @infectingthecit at the @respectequal performance
Why are we not protecting our women and children? Girl dies after horrific rape ordeal: via @News24
what is the western world's attitude when it comes to Africa? via @youtube#WhiteCharity
#shareattitude ties of empathy, friendship and trust go beyond national borders. our hearts, prospects of change @respectequal
What is your relationship with the space around you? Do you recognise the space in between? @LindoKushle
Too many penis enlargments & abortion posters and not enough art in this city
#shareattitude How may we interrupt unwritten laws that govern our and people´s minds as public opinion? How to shake habits & stereotypes?
#shareattitude about queer feminism @theknifenews Full Of Fire film by Marit Östberg @theknifesweden @respectequal
The very awesome @AthiPatraRuga did a performance at the STD Bank art gallery recently checkout his blog
Black lesbians in Khayelitsha are an endangered species
#shareattitude (our) thoughts becoming words becoming actions becoming habits becoming (our) character. - How may we avoid stereotypes?
#shareattitude What can we do to support change?
#shareattitude What do we do to support our fellow human beings?
#shareattitude How do you perceive the conditions of South Africans?
#shareattitude What do you perceive about South Africa today?
Looking forward to checkout all the performances happening @infectingthecit this year...should be awesome!!
busy brainstorming with the Cape Town @respectequal team @LindoKushle @asanda_kaka for the #Attitude performance happening @infectingthecit
Inspiring #attitude. during creative workshops at Assemblage Johannesburg: Thanks to everyone in it. Drawing sources of inspiration.



2013 MARCH

The Africa Centre has invited ATTITUDE. to its annual site-specific public arts festival “Infecting the City 2013” in Cape Town, South Africa.
The participatory performance-installation ATTITUDE. welcomes visitors and passers-by as key figure into its staging, its representation and meaning: when asking the audience for their perception and action towards challenging and shattered circumstances of life.

With ATTITUDE. the public space is thematized as a participatory space for negotiation, that makes decisions of visitors come alive in sonic and spatial representations – open for later visitors to revaluate the encountered tendencies and manifestations of prior visitors. ATTITUDE. aims to sensitize for “what we perceive”, “how we perceive the conditions of others”, “what we do to support our fellow man” and “how we can initiate change”.


How did you perceive the project ATTITUDE. during Infecting the City 2013 Public Arts Festival in Cape Town, South Africa?

“The project brought a startling interdisciplinary performance work to the streets of Cape Town. Its location in front of the Cape Town station engendered a kind of dialogue that was evocative and curious. Given the mix of people exposed to the workit was a chance for a rare communal experience of an innovativeand fresh new language of performance. “ - Jay Pather / Curator,“Infecting The City” Public Arts Festival Cape Town

„What I enjoyed about the project was the effect it had on the public / pedestrians who found themselves in the middle of the performances. It made people stop, think and project ATTITUDE. whether good or bad and to me that was what the project was about.“ - Asanda Kaka / Independent Photographer, Cape Town

"ATTITUDE. opened my eyes to many social issues that I wasn't aware of. It allowed me to understand how most people expect things to change without them doing anything. For example, people had to push the trolleys for the sound to change but most people would just watch and expect things to change without them taking an initiative to change things. This project taught me that as a person sometimes you have to push boundaries and not watch only from the sidelines." - Thembalethu Mlokoti / Student of Political Studies and Language & Communications, Cape Town What did you learn or enjoy due to the process and project of ATTITUDE.?
„That people need more art. Not only art, but art that forces us out of the boxes that we have created for ourselves and re-think our attitudes towards life and our fellow humans.“ – Asanda Kaka / Independent Photographer, Cape Town

“I enjoyed both the new language, the disjointed narratology yet at the same time the fact that the performance reached profound emotional highs and lows. I also enjoyed the fact that it was an international collaboration amongst people that had not worked with each other over lengthy periods of time yet managed to remain so personal and intimate. It was a good example of cross continental collaboration that was carefully handled and with insight and sophistication.” - Jay Pather / Curator, “Infecting The City” Public Arts Festival Cape Town

"Sebastian's own attitude was what convinced me to support this project. In the beginning, I did not get an e-mail with instructions or demands. I got a personal phonecall from someone who had a lot of genuine questions about my country. Sebastian fulfilled my first impression by being a generous and grateful collaborator. He allowed us a lot of room to act independently and yet was always helpful when it counted most. This is the kind of genuine humanity that is lacking in the digital age, the kind of humanity the ATTITUDE. project seeks to inspire." – Kai Lossgott / Artist, Johannesburg How other participants at Infecting The City perceived ATTITUDE.:
„Hi Sebastian! Yes, I'd love to chat with you about ATTITUDE. which I actually saw in Cape Town, it was a very strong piece, one of the most profound pieces I saw during the festival. I really liked the partici- pation aspect from the public with the trolleys for example. The concept is so relevant to todays' reality and at the same time it is not restrictive nor prescriptive. It touches on a wide range of issues, situations that have been happening for centuries and some that are so contemporary. And it talks to people's minds and hearts.“ - Isa Suarez, Artist and Composer, Basque Country / London

2013 MARCH

MARCH 12th 2013
2pm - 5pm

MARCH 13th 2013
2pm - 5pm

MARCH 14th 2013
2pm - 5pm

MARCH 15th 2013
2pm - 5pm

i.e. 2-2.20pm , 3-3.20pm , 4-4.20pm , 5-5.20pm


Sebastian Klemm with Agnete Beierholm, Alphabet Zoo, Asanda Kaka, Fin Futcha, Isaac Zavale, Jeannie Klockenbring, Kai Lossgott, Khanyisile Mintho Mbongwa, Lindokuhle Nkosi, Masello Motana, Minenkulu Ngoyi, Nkuli Mlangeni, Thembalethu Mlokoti, Zohra Opoku

2013 MARCH


Sebastian Klemm
Stuttgart, Germany

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